Used Mercedes-Benz and BMW Cars in Toronto

Toronto is a big city and if you are looking to buy a used car, you will find plenty of car dealerships looking to sell you one. For the much sought after BMW’s and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, you will want to take extra care in searching for these cars. The reason for this is that these cars are very expensive to maintain and you do not want to be stuck buying a lemon.
No doubt that owning a Mercedes or BMW has a certain stigma to it. People tend to admire others that own these type of cars and would love to have one too. Buying a new one is not always the best option. You can find a perfectly good used one for almost half the price. So, if budget is a concern for you then continue reading because we’re going to tell you how you can find yourself one of these cars to buy.

Buying a BMW or Mercedes-Benz Privately

You can either walk into a used car dealership or find someone selling it privately. There are many classified ads that you can check where people will be selling their cars. If you’re going to buy privately then you will for sure have to take the car to a mechanic. Do not bring the car to the sellers’ mechanic as that would not be a very wise move. You can not be certain that this mechanic will be telling you the truth about the car. You will want to take the car to your own mechanic. If you do not have your own mechanic you should ask around and find out a good mechanic that knows these cars. Do not bring the car to a mechanic that only works on domestic vehicles because he or she will have very limited knowledge on a Mercedes Benz or BMW.
A mechanic that works on the type of car you want to buy is the ideal mechanic to take the car to have an inspection. Even if you have to pay a few dollars to have the car checked out it is worth every penny. If you trust the owner and then realize after you purchase the car that there is a major problem with it, it can cost you thousands. Whereas if you spend a few bucks on an inspection and a mechanic finds a problem you can use this as leverage when discussing price or simply walk away.

Going Shopping at Dealerships

You can also look for a used car dealership in Toronto that has a good reputation and has been in business for a while. Try to go with recommendations from friends, relatives or acquaintances. You don’t have to go with the big dealerships that sell new and used cars. If you find a small dealership that specializes in German cars like Dupont Auto Centre for example, then not only can you get a great vehicle but you can also save a lot of money. The smaller independent use car dealerships normally charge much less for the same car on a large dealership lot. Most of these small dealers will buy cars that come off a lease which is exactly the same type of vehicle that the large dealership sell. So, why would you want to spend more money just to have the prestige of buying at a large dealership. It makes no sense!

Things to Consider When Buying a BMW or Mercedes

If you are going to deal with an independent used car dealership in Toronto you also should consider having the car checked out by your mechanic. The dealership may sell you a warranty as well but this is entirely optional. Always buy a car that has not had an accident and make sure you buy a car that is certified. Keep in mind that just because a car is certified it does not mean that it is mechanically sound. There could be a problem with the engine which has nothing to do with the certification of the vehicle. This is why it is so important to have the car fully checked out by a mechanic before purchase.

Mercedes Benz and BMW’s are very special cars that people love. Here are a couple of links to check out for some Mercedes and BMW listings from Dupont Auto Centre.

5 Advantages of Buying a Used Car over a New Car

If you are planning to buy a car, you have the option to buy new or used. It is important for you to understand the benefits that come in deciding to buy a new or used car. Used cars have become a great option for many people because of the several advantages involved in buying them. Below are some of the major advantages of buying a used car over new.


Cost Effectiveness

Buying a used car offers the benefit of being more affordable compared to a new one. They are cheaper meaning that you will end up saving a lot of money in the process. If you are working on a strict budget, a used car will be more appropriate to suit your limited budget. The good thing is that you will be able to enjoy the pleasure of driving a luxury car by purchasing a used model. All what you need to do to enjoy this benefit is to check that the car is in the right condition to avoid buying one with a problem that might end up being expensive to handle later on. If there is an issue with an expensive component, you may be able to bargain with the owner or used car dealership to have this either replaced, or use it as bargaining power to further reduce the cost of the car. It’s therefore important to get a second opinion when buying a second hand car. This is an all too critical step that a lot of people ignore and ends up costing them in the long run.

Low Rates of Depreciation

A new car has a higher rate of depreciation compared to a used car. A new car depreciates at a higher rate than an old car and this is where you will gain. It is worthy to note that a car loses some value with each passing day and mile. The highest loss in terms of value usually happens during the first year. I am sure that you have heard many times that when you buy a new car, you lose a lot of value as soon as you drive it off the lot. With a used car, it literally doesn’t change! When you purchase a used car, you do not experience such a huge depreciation. In addition, there is lower mental depreciation because there is nothing to worry because of the lower rates of car depreciation involved. In short, as long as you buy a good used car or SUV, you will have peace of mind due to not losing a lot of money just shortly after purchase. car

Lower Rates of Insurance

Just like it happens in financing, insurance rates are also impacted by the age of a car. When you buy a used car, you get the advantage of reduced insurance rates. This is because used cars usually tend to have lower insurance rates. All you should do is to perform some pre-purchase research in order to avoid the insurance sticker shock, regardless of the type of used car you buy. This may not apply to higher end vehicles or vehicles that are deemed too risky. Some cars could be on some kind of ‘black list’ so it’s best you check this out with your insurance agent before you buy. It’s only good practice.


When you purchase a used car from a used car dealership, you can usually have a warranty with the vehicle. However, you will need to note that this warranty usually comes with a specific limit and covers a specific number of miles that you drive within a certain period of time. Most of these warranties are third party, and have nothing to do with the dealership you bought it from. It would be a good idea to research the type of warranty online first, to see what people are talking about. An example of a popular warranty company used by used car dealers is Lubrico. Check them out.


Great Condition of Used Cars in Modern Times

It’s very seldom today that the used car you buy is in bad condition. Back in the day you’d see plenty of ‘rust buckets’ for sale. Nowadays or at least in the past 10-15 years, there have been many scientific advancements for rust control. Along with emphasis on reliability, it’s only in the car manufacturers interest to have a mechanically sound car. Many reviews are now available online, so you don’t want negative exposure. . In modern times, you might not even be able to distinguish a used between a new car. There are also a lot of options in the used car segment in most car dealers. You may be able to get a car that is in excellent condition, almost looking like new. This means that you will get value for the money you spend.


What should you look out for when buying a used car?

There are some pretty important steps when you decide to buy a car!

Everyone is different, and everyone has a different budget when they decide to buy a car. If you have enough money  to buy a new one, or take a loan, that is very good, but some of us can only afford used cars. Before you think all of the used cars are bad and broken, that is not the case, but there are some warning signs that you should look out for once you are inspecting the car.

First of all before even thinking about buying a car, you should determine how big of a budget you have that you can spend on buying a car. If you have a lower amount of money it is much more logical to choose a car that does not consumer as more gas as a mustang.

The second option, if you found the right car for you, you have the budget for it, then research it. Research the actual model you want to buy to death, to see the usual repair costs, weaknesses. You can find the most information in forums or blogs, where you can even ask some people, who know that model.

The most important thing is that you MUST NOT buy on the first impulse. If you do that, you give yourself a 50 percent chance of buying a not properly working car, what can give you a really bad headache. Always inspect the car you are buying, see if the owner is hiding something. One very common warning sign is a warm motor. Sellers often let the car run for a few minutes before the buyer arrives, so when the buyer gets in and launches the car, of course it will start instantly. This sign means that something could be wrong with that car, and will probably not start in cold. This is course is an assumption, I mean it’s possible the owner still uses the car so just ask.

Your best best is to take it to a mechanic that you trust and never take it to the sellers mechanic. He might be paid off just to say the car is great. That has happened before. So if you have a guy, or a mechanic (hopefully) take it to him (or her!) and get a thorough inspection. Even if it’s going to cost you a few bucks and he finds something seriously wrong with the car, it’s worth it in the end. You could end up using that as bargaining power. For example if the car needs a new clutch, you could take two grand off the car just like that and the seller would have no choice. So wise up and spend the money to get it checked out. You don’t want to be kicking yourself after.